Hello fellow gamers, I am the creator of the gamers group, I am the glitch specialist. there are five people in our group. we provide cheat codes, easter eggs, glitches, how-to's and walkthroughs. We are finishing spore for PC today. next we are working on jak and daxter the precursor legacy for ps2. As I would say, peace!!!!!!!! check back later for more info.

this is the easter egg specialist. Hello fellow gamers, I am the one who will find easter eggs. if you do not know what easter eggs are i will tell you. if you do know well too bad I'l tell you anyway. There little random items hidden throughout game. Either that, or little chocolates a bunny leaves in your house over night. Seriously! Hes like a ninja hes so quiet! ITS SCARY!!! P.S. I'm better than everybody else!


== Hi. I am the cheat code specialist. I do not have cheat codes for any PC games, but I will search up PC game cheats. I have cheats for almost every game for every game sytem.

hello I'm dylan. I am the second glitch specialist.I know glitches for almost every game I eva played.

We are launching a new comic book series, about ratchet and clank, called the lost lombaxes. not to be confused about the upcoming comics, this takes place after the first comic series, yet before the first game. it will also be coming out sooner than the other series. one of the characters name is abernox, an albino lombax scientist. we will be working with 1 page comix. from gxtras.

the gamers group 2D spore mascot

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