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Jak And A Blue Eco Vent


easter eggs: precursor orbs: top says naughty dog bottom says madman. every eco vent says power. eco blockers in snowy mountain say you are getting very dizzy. crash bandicoot wumpa fruit, is in almost every house in sandover villiage.

plot holes: In TPL, all the sages combine their eco abilities to create Light Eco, which could destroy the Precursor Robot and changeDaxter back, however, if they could do that, why can't they do it again? Arguments or theories agianst;

  • A mistake on the developers part.
  • No one in the game thought to do that.
  • It exhaustes the sages to do so and they simply didn't have time to recover and do it again before the events of Jak 2.

cheat codes: go to the main menu. type this code in if this dosent work try it on the options menu. up right x down down up left right down x r2 r2 x down down.

this unlocks infinity life and and infinant Eco powers.

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