Grox.png|thumb|128px|right|a cell from spore]]

a cell from spore

glitch: HOW TO MAKE FLOATING BODY PARTS. STEP 1: start by adding arms and removing the hands be sure to make the arms as short as possible.

STEP 2: add those small tiny triple eye things. make arms longer and the tips fatter. the eyes will float.

STEP 3: add ant pincer things. they will also float.

STEP 4: give legs. the pincers and eyes will float!!!.


FOLLOWING GLITCH: If a spaceship is deleted, very rarely it wont fly off but will continue to follow the player.

GODZILLA: When another nation's city spawns from a tribe, and an Epic was ravaging that tribe, the Epic will usually be stuck in the city, unable to move because of the buildings and its own massive size. If this happens to a city you take over, just place turrets (if it has none) and the creature will die inside a few minutes. also, in space stage, you can abduct a creature, put it inside a city (try one on a planet that's still in civilization stage), and use the "supersizer" tool. Only this time, if you were careful, the creature will attack buildings. check back later for more info.

Easter eggs:

look at the galaxy and move the camera counter clockwise and a face should appear.

in spore creature creature trial or full, do the same thing up there ^ and pictures will appear.

also, in the backround, there is a crashed spaceship, but its hard to find.

codes: evoadvantage - Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new game with one of your more evolved creatures!

blocksmode - Turns creatures into their blocky representations.

moreMoney - $1000000 in space or civilization refillMotives - Replenish your health along with other motives. unlockSuperWeapons - Super Weapons are unlocked with this cheat code. addDNA - Get 150 DNA points. freeCam - Toggle a Free Cam around. capturePlanetGIF - Captures and saves a spinning image of your planet which is then saved in your “AnimatedAvatars” directory. antiAliasGIF - Captures and saves spinning GIF of the planet you are on and deumps to AnimatedAvatars directory SetTime - Setting the time for your Avatar’s position, and can also be a speed multiplier. Killallhints - Gets rid of all hints. freedom[on / off] - Toggles, disables (on) or re-enables (off) editor complexity limits. Creations that break the limits will not be pollinated! help - List of commands (cheats). help -full - More detailed description of commands. option - Option list. prop - Display/Modify properties. clear - Clear console. levels - Level Cheats. levels -unlock - Unlock all phases. Jump to any phase with this cheat. Some achievements may not be gained if you choose to use this code. history - Gives you a list of your last commands. spaceCreate - Unlocks and recharges creation tools while playing in space. pauseUIVisible - Sets or toggles whether the pause frame is drawn. toggleCaptureUI - Toggles UI for image capture. movie - Video cheat. styleFilter - Unique Spore look. styleFilter -filmNoir quit - Quit game. setConsequenceTrait(add a trait name) - Add any of the following names after setConsequenceTrait without the brackets. cell carnivore cell_herbivore cell_omnivore creature_aggressive creature_social creature_mixed tribe_aggressive tribe_social tribe_mixed civ_military civ_economic civ_religious space_bard space_ecologist space_zealot space_diplomat space_scientist space_trader space_shaman space_warrior space_wanderer space_knight help - display codes a special thanks to

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